Best Time to Workout

The battle between morning and evening workout is one I am sure I do not struggle with solo, with so many pro and cons to each side its hard to decide which time works best for you! Personally I am a 100% no questions asked a morning workout guy and let me tell you some reasons why I think this is the best way to keep the routine alive.

  1. No one is calling you at 6 am to go down to the local watering hole to have a few pints, and if they’re that may be some company you want to avoid.
  2. Get it over and done with, especially for the first month or so your going to have a hard time going to the gym and staying motivated best way I find is getting it over and done with before the day even starts.
  3. Curb some negative effects of those inevitable slip ups we all endure on a time to time basis, if you over eat one meal and already burned some extra calories by going to the gym it wont be the end of the world versus if you over eat then skip the gym which you have a higher chance of doing in the afternoon.
  4. Depending on where you live the afternoon can be as busy as the beach on a summer day, no room to breath let alone exercise in my experience the morning is a much quieter time for work outs.

As convincing as this list may be it all comes down to what works for you, with your schedule and your personalty evening may work better and this is why there will always be the argument over morning or afternoon work out! #teamwake-up

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