Meal Prep done simple

The number one important thing with any sort of weight loss experience is consistency in my opinion, and the number one way of making sure you are working in a caloric deficit is MEAL PREP, yes I am sure you have heard it over and over again meal prep is super important and I hate to just relay old information but i cannot stress enough how important this one is! Below I have taken the liberty of making a bulletin list on some ways i find personally help me meal prep without it being a huge extravaganza.

  • Keep it simple – Nothing makes me fall off the meal prep habit like trying to get too creative with the meals after all we are aiming for a well balanced diet of macros and nutrients no need to have to buy a thousand different items to make your meals for the week.
  • Keep it clean – You would be surprised at the time it can add on to an already tedious task of meal prep when you are always searching for the next ingredient or that dang egg flipper. Also it is easier to make sure your raw meat isn’t contaminating everything else around it if you can visibly see your work space.
  • Shop Online – This is something new to me and i have to say it is a game changer, no more are the days of hour long grocery shops where you leave with some items you should not have… and without some you should have. Some grocery stores now offer shopping online and can even deliver for a fee usually, or you can just shop online wait in the parking lot and have someone else do the work for you, if you are fortunate enough to live close to one of these grocery stores, this eliminates the time consuming portion of shopping as well as only getting what you need and not want you are craving!
  • Separate and weigh every main ingredient – This one may go without saying but here it is, its easy to just think in your head “It’s just one slice of cheese, I won’t concern myself with weighing it” but all these little non concerning items add up to some big calories and after all the whole purpose of meal prep is to know exactly what you are putting into your body at each meal.
  • Plan everything – if you are anything like me the main thing that deters me from meal prep is the overall time and effort it takes, good planning on the cook times can mean the difference between an hour prep and a two hour prep, make sure you plan out the long to cook items first like rice that will go on first whilst that is cooking throw on your meat, all while prepping your veggies a good flow in the kitchen is detrimental to the efficiency of the meal prep.
  • Dedicate a day – Like i said above consistency is everything in the world of dieting so pick the same day every week that works for you and stick with it, don’t make plans on that day dedicate it to meal prep and this is one habit you will never be disappointed that you created.

There is many factors to go in a meal prep these are the ones i personally think will make your next meal prep day go by way more efficiently, that means less time consumption which equals less effect it has on your day to day. These are some of my pointers comment below and let me know your favorite tricks of the trade are to an efficient meal prep.

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