Relapse, time to Rehash

Its been awhile since I’ve posted considering the fact that I have not been doing much in the way of holding myself accountable… All that changes starting today I am back on track and ready to resume where i left off regrettably I will be resuming back at 300lbs and all my progress gone but i cannot afford to dwell on the past, I will succeed this time ten fold from previous attempts. I will need some assistance from followers old and new alike to help me keep myself accountable, as well as learn new things together and experience a new healthy life together. I aim to use this platform as a resource not just for myself but hopefully others with open dialogue and new concepts that I come across or create I want to build a community of like minded individuals all here for each other in our journey to obtain a healthier happier lifestyle.

Lets talk turkey from this moment on I will be posting weekly blog post whether it be an update, recipe, new workout, or a progress post. One post a week seems easy enough on top of this I aim to post new fresh content to my social media pages as well (links below) this time around we got this we are changing our lives one small step at a time and we are doing it together lets make long lasting changes that will benefit not only us but anyone who wants to join in on this expedition. I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read this post and I just want you to know even if its one person viewing or following this its helps me tremendously knowing that I’ve made a commitment to someone and I do not take this lightly. Thank you for your time and until next time stay motivated we got this and always think of the compound effect of small choices, every calorie, step, minute of rest counts!


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