As I write this I have never felt so out of shape in my life not just the excess body weight but the everyday trial and tribulations that I face get increasingly difficult with every pound of body weight gained. I started Fatty’s Guide as a resource to keep me accountable and to see and hear stories from others like me, thus far I have failed the few who follow and most importantly myself, I am writing this as if it in an apology because it is, I’m sorry to myself and my health for neglecting my journey for the last year and I’m sorry to those who were following me. Now its easy to sit here and blame covid, whether it be your gym is closed down entirely or the new restrictions are too hard to follow or even if we tell ourselves “well we are suppose to be self isolating”. I have used many of these myself not only once but multiple times and I have had enough, if your gym is closed there is nothing saying we cant do exercising at home, if the restrictions are too hard to follow that means you care more about your comfort then you do your personal health and development, if we are to be self isolating then go for a walk outside and work out from home. These statements have ran my life for the last year and i do truly believe that covid is a perfect excuse for the lazy how often do we get to blame our poor habits on something like this. I am here to day to say enough is enough I am pledging to track my macros, exercise daily and to live an all around better balanced life MARK MY WORDS today is the day where the journey resumes.

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