This page on the site will be aimed towards products i am finding useful on my own personal journey, I do not receive any compensation,just items i truly find make my experience easier and more enjoyable.

  • Hexapro protein powder : chocolate or cookies and cream, so far out of the brands i have tried Hexapro has the best taste and the easiest to mix, i take my protein with water so a strong flavored protein powder is a must for me and Hexapro does not fall short in that department, with a mixture of whey and casein protein it really is a good protein to take any time of day, especially if you are aiming to hit your 1g per pound of body fat guideline for protein intake! each serving has 25 grams of protein.
  • All max creatine and leucine : Creatine is the most researched supplement in today’s market for a reason… it works! it may sound suspicious but i notice a difference in my workouts if i do not stay up on my creatine intake. Look at this study conducted by the Department of Kinesiology/Center for Sports Medicine, The Pennsylvania State University,, stating that ” After 12 wk, significant (P < or = 0.05) increases in body mass and fat-free mass were greater in creatine (6.3% and 6.3%, respectively) than placebo (3.6% and 3.1%, respectively) subjects. After 12 wk, increases in bench press and squat were greater in creatine (24% and 32%, respectively) than placebo (16% and 24%, respectively) subjects.” this is why i use creatine and if you got to choose a brand all max is hard to compete with.
  • Fit Bit – The stats on the fit-bit really help you stay on top of your exercise, granted i take my calories burned in a day with a grain of salt and go with the more traditional TDEE, The steps taken is a good way to find your activity level, as well they have some cool programs for running and swimming! and if the sleep stats and fitness stats arent enough it has a real good community behind it with lots of forums to discuss daily problems or excitements.
  • My Fitness Pal – This one is an absolute must for tracking your calories and syncing it with all your favorite fitness devices, i rarely find an item that My Fitness Pal doesn’t have in their archived meals, and on top of being an awesome calorie tracking app they to have a really good community with forums and challenges you can pose to friends or strangers. I think any diet program without this app is definitely not operating at full capacity.

I will update this whenever i find another item i like enough to recommend to my fellow exercise enthusiasts thanks for tuning in, if you are just joining me for the first time go to my first article introducing myself at and if you have any questions feel free to reach out on the contact page follow me on Instagram at